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About Me

I'm Duncan White, a veteran computer programmer and Unix systems administrator, and have been programming for over 30 years, mainly in C and Perl, although I know many other languages.  I'm the Technical Coordinator of the Computing Support Group in the Department of Computing (DoC) at Imperial College London.  I'm particularly interested in large-scale automatic configuration of computer systems(which I call Ruthless Automation).


I've been playing with computers for nearly 40 years now, ever since the late 1970s micro boom,  so I guess that's my main interest:-)  Fortunately my passion has given me 100% employment since the age of 21 - for which I'm duly thankful!   Outside of computing, I love swimming, walking (especially in mountains, lakes and other wild places, for example in the English Lake District!), plants and gardens, music. theatre and (yes) sci-fi.   I'm also a keen amateur geologist (fossil-hound) and student of evolution, geology and deep-time.

Check out my photo gallery to get a glimpse into where I have been.

Other Stuff

I've just added a programming and sysadm blog to this website, see My Blog.